NOTE: This review covers the NATIONAL MFT exam
This is an online tutoring review service to help you study for the Marriage and Family Therapy national examination. It is designed for counseling or MFT graduate students  who are trying to become licensed in MFT. Included in this site are practice test questions, case study, simulations, audio, study buddy, test strategies and content material covering The practice of Marital and Family therapy, assessing, hypothesizing and diagnosing, designing and conducting treatment, evaluating ongoing process and terminating treatment and maintaining ethical legal and professional standards. 

Content also covers counseling, DSM, Bowenian, extend systems, structural, minuchian, genograms, satir, haley, madanes, milan, rogers, carkhuff, traux, strategic, person centered, contextual, object relations, solution focused, deshazer, introject, klein, mri, homeostatic, sculping, triangles and other information necessary to pass the examination such as our MFT study guide, audio CDs and Iphone, Ipod and Ipad apps.

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The MFT Examination is part of a set of requirements most state licensing requirements for Marriage and Family Therapy Professionals.

If you need MFT test requirements and test dates contact the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy to find out the current requirements and procedures, which may vary from state to state. Only they can give you OFFICIAL and CURRENT answers to your important questions.
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